Join our political movement now!

Together we can, together we will!

Join our political movement now!

Together we can, together we will!

Stamp Out Hunger & End Homelessness

William Swisher is dedicated to assuring every American including children have enough to eat and that every American can be provided shelter. Will you stand with William today by submitting your email address so you can keep in touch with William's pledges and to help support these goals?

The Platform

Fighting For Workers Rights


William Swisher believes deeply that no longer should employees be paid a starvation wage. William Swisher supports the Fight For $15 and access to workplace safety and union access wherever possible. 

Energy Independence


William Swisher believes Illinois should be leading the charge for energy independence and that America should meet expectations to become completely 100% dependent on renewable energies by 2050.  This would create new jobs and boost our economy.

Improve Education


We need a new bottom-up approach to Education starting with Universal Pre-K access and improving public schools, the books should be newer than the metal detectors. We also need to find a way to make sure every child who wants access to a public university should be able to attend college, we must also forgive student debt and allow students to have their student loans to be discharged in a bankruptcy. 


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